Behind, before, beside

That’s what my husband says when we are too busy.  (I have no idea where that phrase comes from — do you?)  Anyway, that’s life here because we are catching up with yard work and gardening after having been gone earlier this month.

It’s a beautiful week in north central Illinois, so we are taking advantage of it.  I do have some help, but you may be able to guess how hard it is to concentrate on weeding when working with someone this adorable:

He does have his own toddler-sized watering can and trowel, but of course they simply won’t do.

After class yesterday, I made the rounds to various nurseries — partly because I enjoy the different venues but also because I can’t find everything on my list at one place.  There are many times I gripe about spending money on things, but I consider good bedding plants an investment, if only for the season.

I immediately got to work when I got home around 4:30, broke for a quick supper, then got back to work as storm clouds rolled in.  I got the last tomatoes in just as it started to rain.  I ran inside dirty and damp, but happy!

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