Tuesday Tip: When you don’t have a good “eye”

Debra Burgin Quilting rulerI don’t know if I have a good eye or not.  When I just “eyeball” things, they seem to lean.  If my goal is “pleasing to the eye,” I can get things “good enough” without being obsessive about it.  But sometimes pieces just have to line up or be evenly spaced.

This is a stamping tool that is never far from my work area:  a quilting ruler.  My sister, the quilter, uses it to cut fabric and paper.  After I got the hang of it, I use it too — but not just for precision cutting of pieces that are too small for my Tabletop Paper Cutter.  I use the ruler to ensure perfect placement of elements I’m adhering to my card.

The trick is to look through the ruler rather than measuring and marking the card stock with a pencil.  On this card I wanted the Vellum Card Stock one inch from the bottom of the card.  So I aligned the 1″ line of the ruler with the bottom of the card.  Along the top edge of the ruler, I butted up the Vellum Card Stock.  It’s really that simple.

I’ve been using this very ruler for over 8 years, so much so that some of the lines are worn off!  When you have a coupon at the fabric store, why not try this tool for your own stamping?

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