Tuesday Tip: Avoiding the drag

Debra Burgin dragWait a minute — you didn’t think I was talking about another stamper, did you???

No, I’m talking about the way you feed the sandwich through the Big Shot.  Picture these scenarios:

  • You’re embossing the flap of an envelope
  • You’re embossing the open edge of a card front

My first suggestion is to not fold the material behind the embossing folder.  That creates a shim and may alter the embossing.  So then, because you’re now feeding it through the Big Shot with the envelope or card open, feed the non-embossed material through first.  That will enable you to build the sandwich without the rest of the material dragging down the folder and (most likely) shifting the material inside.

As you can see above, the non-embossed side of the card — fed first — can rest on the Big Shot platform as you build the sandwich and get everything lined up.  (Sorry I put the watermark right over the crease and, of course, I needed the top cutting pad before running this through.)  My experience has been that I rarely have slipping issues this way.

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