Murder in the Studio

Sounds like a Margaret Truman novel, doesn’t it?  The story is more personal (and not as long) as that.  Do not proceed with this post if you are squeamish or eating a meal.

It started the week of Christmas when I went into the basement pantry for something and, in pulling out a bag of confectioner’s sugar that leaked from several mysterious holes, discovered evidence that Someone Was In The Basement With Me.

I thought it was a chipmunk, gaining access to the basement from under the back porch.  They’re cute and fun to watch, but I do not want them in the house.

Since organizing and cleaning the pantry was on my post-Christmas to-do list, I started the process early, throwing out an amazing amount of food that had been … compromised.  (Even if I only suspected it.  If it could have been nibbled, out it went.)  The pantry looked great when I finished; most food was enclosed in lidded, impenetrable containers and everything was sparkling and tidy.  DH bought some mousetraps — the last word in no-fuss, no-muss rodent eradication — and I put them to the side.

Tuesday when I went to get a can of tomatoes from the very clean, very neat pantry … there was a disturbing amount of shredded plastic and a hole in a giant bag of raw popcorn.  It was practically the only item that could have been eaten.  The creature was clearly desperate.  This was not just a nuisance, it was personal.  I set the traps with shards of white chocolate.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I checked on the situation:

So little!  So cute!  So dead!

I’m glad I was not there when the trap did its work.  I checked the traps this morning and was happy they were empty.  But what are the chances that he acted alone?

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3 Responses to Murder in the Studio

  1. Kristi says:

    Nope! I bet he did not act alone! I have the same kind of mousetraps and they are awesome. One thing I found out was that mice run along walls for some reason so I put my little traps right up against the wall (facing the wall). They run along the wall and bam! I hate to empty the traps but the thought of one getting away while I wait for my husband to come home to empty it makes me do it every time.

  2. Ewww! Over the last several months we’ve had a few moths fly out of our kitchen cupboards. I went through EVERYTHING and discarded any questionable items. Fortunately, we haven’t seen any fluttering. Your motive for murder was clearly self-defense!

  3. Sally says:

    The little guy looks so clean and cute, but you were right to do it! They can use the tiniest holes to get in. That’s my justification for cobwebs. We found our access point to our basement by seeing the cobwebs flutter in the breeze. E sealed our hole where the power come in from the meter to the fuse box and no more chipmunks! Too bad as kitty probably had fun getting the tail she caught! Glad she didn’t have claws to enable her to get the rest of the thing!!

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