The how-to on the Pretzel Buttons

Debra Burgin Pretzel Buttons (spring)Thanks for the emails and comments on the tin of Pretzel Buttons yesterday!  I’m embarrassed to even call this a recipe, it’s so easy.  Seriously, I’ve made tens of thousands of these over the years.  (The tin holds some of the 520 I made a couple of weeks ago; I just have to keep track of the quantity!)

The biggest challenge is finding the round pretzels.  I get mine at Aldi’s, but Jewel food stores and (I’ve heard) Wal-Mart may also have them.  Stock up when you find them, because your friends and family will expect them forever!

You’ll find the how-to in this post from a couple of years ago.  Enjoy!

Meanwhile, I am finishing up some swaps that need to get in the mail tomorrow.  Gulp.

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