Tuesday Tip: Centering without math

Did you know that Stampin’ Up! has some help for those stampers who “hate math”?  For some of us, dividing 2¾ in half produces a furrowed brow and bitten lip.  Others can do it without thinking.

Well, if scoring the center of a panel is the issue, look no further than directly above the ruler on your Simply Scored Scoring Tool.  Right above the 6″ mark you’ll see a zero.  This is the center (“ground zero”) of the ruler.  Placing your piece so that there’s an equal amount of card stock on either size of the zero mark means that when you score (at the zero), the scoreline will be centered across the panel.

In this example I show how to score a circle in half.  Difficult?  Not really!  I just lined up the circle so that each edge was at the 1″ mark on the centering ruler.

Debra Burgin Centering #1Check it out:

Debra Burgin Centering #2Perfectly in half!  Scoring a rectangular piece is even easier to see.

But it doesn’t stop with scoring.  If you want to adhere a panel in the center of your card, look for the same type of centering ruler on your Grid Paper!

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  1. After handling my Simply Scored so many times, I am embarrassed to admit that I never noticed the centering ruler! Missed it on any promotional materials, too. Thank you for this tip : )

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