The week thus far

This was the boy delivered to us Monday morning.  Nose running.  Coughing.  Droopy eyes.  Energy level at about 15%.   Most of our day he was very, very quiet and restful, drinking plenty of fluids.  When not napping he was content to just snuggle with us and babble, sounding something like Brenda Vaccaro.  And he was better on Tuesday.

We were worse.  Noses running.  Sore throats.  Droopy eyes.  Energy level at about 15%.   However, I did need to go to work, so I cranked up the energy and slapped a smile on my face until I could get home, run some errands, and be in bed just slightly after 9 p.m. for the second night in a row.

Today is better, much better!  Looking forward to seeing my stampers tonight!


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