Tuesday Tip: The Big Shot in the kitchen

Well, not exactly in the kitchen, but used for kitchen purposes.

Overburdened by too much work and feeling sorry for myself, a couple of weeks ago I escaped for a little retail therapy, my goal a single-serve coffee maker as a birthday present to myself.  (I still have a few weeks until my birthday, but I needed an excuse for a little self-indulgence, I guess.)  Ever since I had coffee from my sister’s Keurig, I’ve been visualizing the pleasure of having coffee on demand.  And since I work mostly from home, a cup in the afternoon is a delight.  Or, at 9:30 p.m. when I’m gearing up for a late night on the PC, a necessity.

However, the K-cups never create coffee that’s drinkable for me.  Yes, that’s a significant problem!  Way, way too strong.  No matter how I set the controls, it’s vile.  On vacation last month, the B&B provided a Keurig in the front room.  DH and I read by the fire and I made myself a cup of joe.  Totally nasty.  Really ruined the mood.

Anyway, I read about a new Hamilton Beach coffeemaker, the Scoop.  Use your own loose coffee for single cups.  A less-expensive appliance, more economical coffee, no eco-guilt — I bought it with barely a question asked.

Problem?  Coffee way too weak.  I was sure I was using the same proportion as when I make our morning pot, but I couldn’t get it right.  And there was a disturbing amount of grounds in the bottom of the cup.

Solution?  A tiny (3″) filter cut with the Big Shot (you knew I had to get to it eventually).  I just folded several basket-sized filters in quarters and ran the bunch through.  Now I keep a stack of mini filters in this charming two-handled sauce dish right next to the bee-topped canister holding the flavored coffee.  Life is good, all right!

And did you hear?  The deadline’s been extended for the Big Shot Recruiting Promotion!  You have until November 11 to take advantage of this amazing offer:  Sign up as a demonstrator with Stampin’ Up! and choose a FREE Big Shot or $100 in FREE additional products with your starter kit!

Do you realize how much that is?  You’ll be getting over $445 worth of product for just $175.  You’ll pay tax (don’t we all!), but no shipping.  And you’ll be part of an amazing company and — I believe — a fabulous group of stampers when you sign up with me!

I’d love to have you join us — let’s talk!

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2 Responses to Tuesday Tip: The Big Shot in the kitchen

  1. karen says:

    just fyi the Keurig sells the “my k cup” where you use your own coffee and it’s washable and reusable. great gift for your sister if she doesn’t have one.

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