Resume speed

Sunday, less than 24 hours after Super Saturday concluded (but after a nice church supper with DH and my sister and a lovely long overnight rest), we were on the road to Michigan for some R&R&R.

That was my first goal, rest.  We got plenty of that.  If we are losing an hour when we travel east, and it’s 7:30 p.m. in Michigan when it’s only 6:30 our time, why are we so tired?  We had l-o-n-g sleeps, including one at Voyager’s Inn bed and breakfast.  I fell asleep that night planning a card in the colors of our beautiful room.

Relaxation was plentiful also, except when on the expressway, when DH was behind the wheel and I was tense, or vice versa.  Mostly it was leisurely exploration on on back roads.  I’m sorry if you were behind us on your way to an appointment.

I brought along a notebook, the Stampin’ Up! catalog and mini, and some new magazines for some reflection.  I’ve got projects planned for the next few months, including an upcoming blog hop — stayed tuned!

Disappointingly, the big antiquing trip (“We don’t have to buy anything”) did not materialize.  Shops were closed during the week in this off-season (already??!!!).  We bought a little oak chair for Peter and that was about it.

We did visit a winery, and don’t tell me there’s something wrong with wine tasting in the morning!  Far from being oenophiles, we drink what tastes good to us.  They cut us off at six.

Also checked off from my to-do list:  “Visit Presidential Library” — this one Gerald Ford’s in Grand Rapids.  (We had talked about going to Truman’s in Missouri, but we were so close.)  What a pretty city, and a very interesting museum.  I’ll say again, the mark of a good exhibit is when my curiousity is piqued to learn more.  There was a large art contest going on — large as in the size of the festival, not the scale of the pieces.  Because we were at the museum so early (my mother would be proud), I got to check out these grizzly bears in the museum’s pool.  These actually were large.

And so life is back to normal, although when I prepared supper last night I did tell DH he could sit anywhere and then asked him if he would care to start with any appetizers.



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  1. Jill says:

    Glad you had a relaxing vacation – You really worked hard (as did Tina) on the Super Saturday event. I think it was the best one yet!! I really enjoyed it.

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