Tuesday Tip: Those annoying wrinkles

Embossing folderDo you have the new Designer Frames Textured Impressions Embossing Folders?  The oval frame has already had a real workout through my Big Shot in the last three months.  If you’ve not used these folders yet, they are half the size of our conventional EFs.  That means that if you want a frame in the middle of a card front or large panel, as you see above, you’ll have a ridge or wrinkle where the edge of the folder has been pressed into the paper.  Usually this is a problem, and I’m happy to pass on the solution.

It’s simply a matter of changing the “sandwich” that you run through the Big Shot.  From the bottom up, build it like this:

  1. Multipurpose Platform with no tab open
  2. Embossing folder with card stock panel inside
  3. Standard Texturz Silicone Rubber Pad (“squishy pad”)
  4. One Standard Cutting Pad

The usual disclaimer is that every Big Shot is a little bit different, and this sandwich should work perfectly.  But remember the rule of thumb:  if it feels too loose, it’s not doing what you want; if it feels too tight, stop and rebuild your sandwich.

I’ll show you tomorrow the card we’re making this month that uses this folder.

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  1. This is a great tip! I’ve seen this information before, but it helps me to see it in writing. That’s strange since I’m generally a visual person. After I do it a few times it’ll be like riding a bike!

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