Tuesday Tip: The right tool for the job

Simply ScoredI’ll be honest:  I’ve bought many a tool, usually for the kitchen, that did not live up to my expectations.  Sometimes I’m unreasonably influenced by the hype that surrounds a new product, and I jump on the bandwagon.  However, I can learn from past goofs, and I think over the years I’ve gotten much smarter.

So I’m thrilled to report that this tool from Stampin’ Up!, Simply Scored, is fabulous.  For years I’ve been using an old slicer/scorer to score my card bases.  Not sure what ever happened to the scoring attachment, so I’ve used a bone folder.  It was adequate, but I was sort of annoyed that my cards weren’t perfect.  Maybe not even close.

This does exactly what it should:  creates a deep-but-not-too-deep score to facilitate folding.  The grooves are spaced 1/8″.  The product includes place markers that snap above the ruler–I keep mine at 4¼” and 5½”.  Three place markers are included, but you can buy additional ones and store them in a cool little compartment.  The stylus (similar to the ones we used to use for dry embossing) is the perfect size, and it snaps into the front of the Simply Scored.

I’ve used it at least 100 times in the past three weeks without a problem; not once has the stylus jumped out of the track and ruined my piece of card stock.  I’m so impressed with the Simply Scored, it will be the grand raffle prize at next month’s Super Saturday!


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