Mentors and pioneers

Before we went to Door County a few weeks ago, I treated myself to two  magazines I rarely miss:  Where Women Create and Paper Cloth Scissors Studios.  Although the magazines are expensive — I always hope I have a coupon that applies — I love to read the stories of the creative people they feature.  Some art forms are way out of my comfort zone (what’s with the children who look like they have broken necks?), but I enjoy reading the artists’ journeys toward uncovering their creative spirit.  Of course there’s lots of inspiration there as far as the artists’ work environment, which is what originally appealed to me.

I read these mags very slowly, treating myself to an article when I’ve earned a reward after some heavy house- or yardwork.  After all, they’re only published quarterly and have to last a long time!

I was excited to see three artists in this WWC who have had a huge influence on me; I have taken classes from two of them, Stacy Julian and Becky Higgins.  These two women, from the same branch of the paper crafting tree, were trailblazers in the scrapbooking industry.  And yet their styles are different, as reflected in their studios.  Those chairs in Becky’s room — love them!  Stacy’s little drawer unit for die cut letters — amazing!  The cleanliness of their studios — unbelievable!

The other woman here who changed my life (not an overstatement) is Susan Branch.  From the first book of hers that I bought, Heart of the Home, to the fact that my first scrapbook was made from a kit of hers, she gave me style confidence.  I’ll never be able to draw or letter like her and I’ll never live in on Martha’s Vineyard in a 160-year-old-house with a picket fence, but the way her style infuses everything in her life is just amazing.

Who has been a mentor for you in your creativity?

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