Tuesday Tip: Sponging

Yesterday I promised sponging tips.  I’ll admit that I once thought I could become one of those brayer experts (I’m so impressed with their projects), but I find I’m able to control the placement and shading of color much easier with sponges than with a brayer.

(BTW, you’ll find other examples of sponged work here and here.)

For this type of sponging, where you want a subtle shift in color, here’s the main tip:  Don’t pounce or press the sponge.  Secondly, don’t rush the process — enjoy the gentle revealing of the shading.  Here’s what happens if you pounce:

Debra Burgin Sponging #1You can actually see where my three fingers were holding the sponge!  Now, there is a place for this type of sponging (it’s effective for clouds, for example), but not on the project I’m making here.

First I stamped my image, from Just Believe, in VersaMark and embossed it in black.  It gives a great contrast on this silhouette.

Debra Burgin Sponging #2

Next, I assembled the three stamp pads and corresponding sponges I needed:

Debra Burgin Sponging #3I began with the lightest color, using a light circular motion as if I’m applying rouge (OK, like my mother used to apply rouge!).  I can add more color, but I can’t take it away, so I started light.  I personally like the way the card stock edges catch the sponge; if you don’t, just avoid going all the way to the edges.

Debra Burgin Sponging #4Before moving to the next color, I wiped the embossed areas with a cotton ball to remove the ink that’s not absorbed.  Be careful of your fingers picking up this ink and ruining your project!

Debra Burgin Sponging #5I went back and applied more color, overlapping colors for further gradation.  Here’s the finished panel:

Debra Burgin Sponging #6I’ll show you the card tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Tuesday Tip: Sponging

  1. Kelly Wentling says:

    Your tips are great! Thanks for sharing with us. Your finished section of this card looks like it was brayered (I don’t have control to do that either). I’m excited to give this a try. This is just beautiful!!

  2. sue says:

    And I like the handles you made for your sponges. Very clever.

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