Julie, you’re a winner!

Julie (imafox) guessed there was $69.96 in the coin jar.  Actually, a year’s worth of coin savings totaled $72.84.  Pretty close — close enough to WIN WIN WIN!

2011 Coin depositThanks, everyone, for playing along.  Now to get my order ready to submit to Stampin’ Up!  I believe I’ll be supplementing the coin with some other funds set aside …

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2 Responses to Julie, you’re a winner!

  1. Julie says:

    This post surprised me! I thought I won! Only for a split second and then I realized I didn’t enter because I decided I shouldn’t. Either way, I was awfully close! I was guessing around $75! Cool. Congratulations to the other Julie!!

  2. Sally says:

    Wow! What a surprisingly large total. But, yes, I think you will have to supplement it with other funds for your first order from the new catty! I’m working on my list!!!

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