Tuesday Tip: Your not-so-favorite DSP

Let’s admit it:  sometimes we buy Designer Series Paper without a clear plan of how we’ll use it.  Or there’s a pattern that is just outside of your comfort zone (too big, too loud, too something).  What to do with it?

This may border on the immoral, but I use outdated DSP to line the drawers of my bathroom vanity.  In one drawer I have a small plastic basket that holds all my dental hygiene paraphernalia.  Although I should train myself out of this bad habit, I always fling my wet toothbrush into the basket.  This makes a mess.  The other drawers have issues, too.  And so once every so often often I re-line the drawers.  It makes me happy.

Designer Series Paper:  It’s not just for paper crafting any more!

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2 Responses to Tuesday Tip: Your not-so-favorite DSP

  1. Great idea. I’m sure there are lots of uses we haven’t discovered yet.

  2. Kathy Crow says:

    you have the best ideas, love them!

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