This morning I had some “suspicious” lumps on my head biopsied.  I am not afraid of the results of the tests, not at all.  My worst fear was that I wouldn’t be able to wash my hair for a week, which would drive me crazy, but no problem.

However, in order to hold the bandage in place, the doctor told me I’d need a “head wrap.”  I was thinking a headband-type thing, and I told the nurse that because of my open house tomorrow, I’d have to bling it up a bit.  I pictured some fun fabric flowers made on the Big Shot.

She was wrapping and wrapping and pulling and wrapping … this was no headband.  In truth, I looked like an extra in a Civil War movie.  All I needed was to walk with a limp and carry a drum.  After looking in the mirror, I told her this would garner a fair bit of sympathy at home.

I should have known better.  To state the facts, I have been nursing DH for the past week.  This is not easy; he is a reluctant participant in the process.  Time for turnabout.

I did have to run some errands, so I found a black printed chiffon oblong scarf in my collection and wrapped it fetchingly around my head, ending with a jaunty knot off to one side.  I was all set to appear on a syrup label.

Sympathy from DH?  Every time he talked to me, I saw his eyes move ever so slightly up to the scarf and the faintest smile play at the corners of his mouth.  He would never laugh at me.  But he sure worked hard to avoid it.

So this is a warning, ladies!

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3 Responses to Doctoring

  1. sue says:

    Can you find the picture of you with your head bandaged from running into the glider or perhaps the glider running into you? Weren’t there stitches involved with that one? Might be a fun comparison. 🙂

  2. Dragonquilt says:

    The scarf sounds a little pirate… Picture Johnny Depp…

  3. Hope all is well with you. Have fun at your open house!!!

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