Tuesday Tip: New Year, New … what?

We’re just 10 days away from a brand-new Stampin’ Up! year. I’ve been through the new catalog once or twice and I’m starting to make plans.

It’s the perfect time to re-think my storage and work area.   Although I’m generally pleased with how I work, now that we have (hopefully) solved the water issues in the basement, I can dream a little bit.

And nothing helps dreaming more than seeing the spaces other crafters use.  A few weeks ago I read Shelli’s daughter posted in the So Shelli blog that each of them were going to be featured in the magazine.  Naturally, it was on my shopping list.  Not a subscriber (or even a reader) of Creating Keepsakes, I loved the tons of ideas here!  Even modest spaces can be functional and beautiful.

What can you do to enhance your stamping space?  Share your ideas here!

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3 Responses to Tuesday Tip: New Year, New … what?

  1. Dragonquilt says:

    Cleaning mine would be a good start! It’s always the last room to get attention, so it usually gets forgotten. Good thing there is a door to block out all the mess!!

  2. I do not have a dedicated stamping space. What I have is a corner-of-the-bedroom storage area about 4′ x 6′. My 8 1/2″ x 11″ card stock is all in magazine holders. My Sizzix stuff is all tucked under the table in a big storage container. My ink pads, ribbon and embellishments are all in separate totes. Recently, I’ve expanded to one more tote that hold all markers, watercolor wonder crayons, colored pencils, and pastels. What frustrates me the most is that whatever punch I need is always on the bottom of the punch tote! I do have a small work surface that I can stamp on. But what usually happens is I gather what supplies I need and head to the dining room table to create so I can spread out a bit. It’s not the best situation, but it’s my reality for now. We’re waiting for estimates on a basement family room. I may just take over that space!!!

  3. Amy says:

    I recently gave up my space, a whole room, and moved it back into my bedroom. I have regreted it ever since and have been considering moving it back into the living room as I really get more done when I can be in the heart of the home.

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