Tuesday Tip: Barn stars how-to

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Yes, on Thursday.  I know.

I’ve made these barn stars before, here.  I had to laugh when I saw I had used the star-in-circle motif there also.  For that card and the one yesterday, I made the stars with the same masking and sponging technique.

Debra Burgin Barn stars

  1. Punch a star.
  2. Draw a line from a tip to the opposite “crotch.”
  3. Move counterclockwise and do the opposite (crotch to tip).  Your markings should look like the star on the left.
  4. Cut out the small triangle that is created (crotch, tip, center).
  5. Place this mask over another punched star and sponge ink using a circular, rubbing motion (avoid “pouncing” the sponge).
  6. Repeat on the other four tips.
  7. Just a little bit of shading creates the 3-D effect!
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2 Responses to Tuesday Tip: Barn stars how-to

  1. Carey Rogers says:

    Oh that is too funny. I didn’t know stars had crotches. Well I am glad they do so you can describe how to make this. Thanks for the great information. I love these kind of stars.
    Carey Rogers
    aka Roscoe’s mommy

  2. April D says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for the tip. I was wondering how you did it. Thanks for sharing your talent.

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