Stars and bars

If you’re here to make a comment and enter the 2011 Flag Day Giveaway, you need to do it on the post dated June 14 HERE.  Comments made today are not eligible for the drawing!

I try not to get emotionally attached to my stamping supplies, really, but there’s one used on this card that I simply won’t give up, even though it’s being retired:  the Star Punch.  There’s another product here also on the Last Chance list that’s already sold out:  the Metallic Eyelets.  I’m not one to keep up with trends, but even I noticed that Stampin’ Up! was offering fewer and fewer eyelets in each catalog.  Oh, well!

And so, a card for Flag Day (yesterday!):

Debra Burgin Flag DayCome back tomorrow for a how-to on the stars.

For camp last night and tonight, I baked some Delicious Raspberry Oatmeal Cookie Bars, one batch with cherry jam and one with peach.  This picture is from the Allrecipes site.  Usually when I’m searching for a recipe, I’ll find it there.  The original one came from a magazine, and I was probably reading it at the dentist’s office.  They’re kind enough to photocopy recipes, etc., if you ask.  They always have current issues, too, unlike some other offices I frequent.  Seriously, People from November 2008????


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