May Getaway: A creativity retreat

Last week was brutal on several fronts.  Crazy weather?  In the basement with a tornado warning for a half hour.  Busy?  Two camps and a workshop.  Household equipment malfunctions?  One after another.

But the reward at the end of all that was an overnight retreat at a nearby church camp with some creative friends, our first May Getaway.  Cool and wet weather was perfect for this — I was happy not to think about what yard work I should be getting accomplished at home.

Each of the six of us brought a craft project to share, so we went home with five great projects plus our own.  This was Betty’s fabulous floral tin.  She learned how to make the paper rose here.

Debra Burgin floral tinIsn’t it amazing?  Although it was time consuming (we went way past the 45-minute project limit!), I was totally enthralled with the process and finished result.  My own project (I’ll show you soon) was so quick and easy, I was embarrassed.

Each of us had food assignments.  It was the first time I was with a group of creative women when there was not an abundance of chocolate in various forms.  We ate really well, and we were too busy for idle lounging and mindless snacking.  I brought bread for part of Saturday’s breakfast.  I tried this new recipe.  I checked 7 minutes before the time was up and it was already overbaked.  Except that it was so crumbly, it was good.  At least, the scraps left behind for DH are gone and my crafting sisters were polite in their praise.

What???!!!  Of course I’m not quitting my Stampin’ Up! business!  In fact, I’m thoroughly swept up in the new catalog frenzy.  Only a month and a half to wait!  We’ve seen some sneak peeks in the demonstrator magazine this month.  Wow.

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