Tuesday Tip: A guide to stamping Baby Blossoms

If you own Baby Blossoms, the set I used in yesterday’s card, you know there are eighteen stamps in the set!  Some are small, and some are a bit confusing as to what exactly the image is!

Brenda Quintana graciously allowed me to give you this Guide to Stamping Baby Blossoms that she created.  It shows how the two- and three-step stamping images are created.

This is a Word document that will print at 100% on a half-sheet.

Thanks, Brenda!


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9 Responses to Tuesday Tip: A guide to stamping Baby Blossoms

  1. margot says:

    Seriously – a guide like this may have enhanced sales of this set. I know I looked at it, because I liked what some others have created with it, and decided that I would never be able to figure out what belonged with what. Thanks so much for sorting it out for all of us – it just went on my list to take a second look at (if I get the chance). 🙂

  2. Susan says:

    I resisted purchasing this set because I couldn’t decypher how to use all of the stamps. This is a wonderful guide! I am thankful that Brenda made this guide available.

  3. Yapha says:

    What a fabulous guide! Thank you for sharing it, and thanks Brenda for creating it!!

  4. Heidi Baks says:

    Very nice illustration! Thanks to Brenda!

  5. Twila Davis says:

    I totally agree , wish SU had made a guide like this for us. I bought the set, but didn’t sell any. 🙁

  6. Julie says:

    Thank you so much. I love Baby Blossoms. Just sorry I did not buy a wood set.

  7. Tanya Boser says:

    Sheesh! Now I want this set again! Do I really need it? Probably…..

  8. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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