Tuesday Tip: Card organization

Debra Burgin card organizerI am a big fan of Stampin’ Up!’s Forget-Me-Not-Keeper, a snap-together plastic card organizer that was discontinued a few years ago.  I have two that I use to organize cards by category, but when I make a card specifically for someone’s birthday, for example, I use something different.

This Little Market Longaberger basket holds six sturdy dividers that originally came in a folder; I cut them down to size.  Behind each one, I put the card in the addressed envelope.  If I’m not going to include a little note or check, I’ll seal the envelope.  Where the postage stamp will be, I pencil in the date the card should be mailed.

When I’m on top of things, I will make cards several months ahead.  (I made card for a June birthday last night!)  Occasionally when a recipient tells me they love the design of their card, I can’t even remember what it looked like!

I thought I’d share what works for me.  What do you do to get your cards out on time?

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3 Responses to Tuesday Tip: Card organization

  1. margot says:

    I love this idea! I often think of something way ahead of the time I’ll need it and either make it and lose track of it OR forget about it until too late to make it up. I take pictures of the cards I send with the name of the recipient in the name of the file. I keep track of the sentiments I include in a Word file so that I don’t duplicate the same sentiment (too often).

  2. Sally says:

    Not that organized!!! Too often I forget until it’s too late:(

  3. Heidi Baks says:

    Had to come look after you mentioned this post in your latest post. I usually go through the monthly birthdays the last Monday of the previous month, and then put them on my to do list. I usually play along with challenges to get them done during the following month.

    I like the bunny on the blog header so much more than the mud! 🙂

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