A public service announcement

It really is.  I’ll spare you the tedious story of technological difficulties the last few days, but that’s why there’s no Tuesday Tip today.

The other night we were watching, in real time, a program on a high-number (i.e., sort of obscure) station.  (As in 120 minutes spent watching 90 minutes of content.)

Generally, but I am like a trained animal:  when a commercial comes on, I go to the kitchen.  But if I’m successful making myself sit in place during a commercial, I at least mute it, and I’ve become pretty good at judging when to look up to see if we’re out of that zone.

Sunday, however, I looked up and there was my grandson on TV.  I screamed (DH is used to this) and then, lacking an Internet connection, stewed in frustration at not being able to find out what the commercial was for or see it again.

Until last night, when I found this:

There they both are, DGS and DGD, several years ago.  DH and I had suggested to their parents that they put their names in with an agency, the children being so cute and talented and all.  (There is a longer story here, but I’ll save that for another episode of My Brush with Fame in the Movie Industry.)  This was about as far as it went, and it only took us seven or eight years to finally get to see it!

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