Tuesday Tip: Assembling clear-mount stamps

I’ve recently learned that not all my stampers are comfortable assembling their clear-mount stamps.  I’m so used to doing this, I’ve forgotten that everyone has their first time!  Luckily, Stampin’ Up! created a little video that talks about this mounting system.  Bonnie Thurber will show you how to get the sticker on the foam-backed rubber stamp.

One additional note I’ll make that she doesn’t show (and I’d guess she’s adopted this habit, also):  Do not discard the rubber “nest” after you pop out the die-cut stamps.  Remove the paper backing and let it cling to the inside back of the storage case.  When you’re finished using a stamp, replace it in its place in the nest.  The stamp will stay put in the case this way, and you can quickly see if you’ve left a stamp out.  (Confused?  Read my Tuesday Tip on this here.)

Enjoy the video!

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