Tuesday Tip: Embosslit care and feeding

Poor darling!  Here’s what I found when I packed up after camp last week:  this severely warped Sweet Buttons Embosslit Die.  How it happened, I don’t know, but why — well, I can guess that someone didn’t STOP when the Big Shot was too difficult to crank.  That’s a huge warning.  Here’s some advice so your Embosslit doesn’t suffer the same crippling fate:

  1. If the Big Shot is too difficult to crank, STOP.  Something is wrong.
  2. Embosslits go through the Big Shot sandwiched between two Standard Cutting Pads on Tab 1 of the Multipurpose Platform.  (Don’t forget that each Tab shows how to create the proper sandwich for different dies.)
  3. There’s a right and wrong side to an Embosslit.  The wrong side is labeled, “Place this side down.”  I mark the other side with arrows.
  4. Embosslits should be fed through the Big Shot sideways, that is, with the hinge on the side.
  5. Use only card stock and paper in the Embosslit, and only one sheet at a time.

This little sweetie didn’t have to die so young!

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