Love in a tin

Debra Burgin 0901 Bandaid TinThis is an old project, with some still-current product — specifically, the wonderful Dreams du Jour stamp set.

Once in a while  in camp we’ll make a 3D project (also known as an ABC — anything but a card).  It’s cute, sure, but some stampers are left with the question, “What do I do with this now?”

May I suggest that on this Day of Love you go out of your way (whether it’s literally out of your way or simply out of your comfort zone) to give a blessing to someone.  Yesterday I was in a big-box store with my weekly coupon looking for the paper bags we use for Super Saturday.  Didn’t have them.  I asked a stranger if she wanted to use my coupon.  I believe she must have first thought I said, “Would you donate a kidney to me?” so suspicious was her reaction.  Then it dawned on her that it was just a no-strings-attached, tiny gift.  And she beamed with delight.

Kinda did my heart good.

So whether you give your bank teller a band aid tin full of conversation hearts or you return a cart to the store, surprise somebody with a good deed.

In our bathroom, we have two framed Sunday School weekly fliers.  Yeah, it sounds strange, but the artwork on them is so beautiful, I just had to have them (at $1.00 each).  The verse on one of them is this:

Look all around you, find someone in need --
Help somebody today.
Though it be little -- a neighborly deed --
Help somebody today.

Help somebody today!
Somebody along life's way.
Let worry be ended,
The friendless befriended --
Oh, help somebody today.
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One Response to Love in a tin

  1. I like your idea. We should strive to do some good every day. I need to go to the bank and post office, but I’ve got one child home sick. My only interactions today may be via the telephone. I read somewhere that you should smile when talking on the phone because it comes through in your voice : )

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