Tuesday Tip: How to cut

I’ve given “fussy cutting” tips before, here, but after another demonstrator said her stampers hate to cut, I thought it might be time for some additional advice, courtesy Stampin’ Up!.  And I’m not sure that anyone will be converted; I love to do intricate cutting (although I avoid it on my Christmas cards, of which there are around 80), but it’s not for everyone.  No need to hate it, however, if you:

  1. Cut inside curves and small, complicated bits before smooth, straight lines. For instance, cut out the inside areas of letters like O and A before cutting out the rest of the letter.
  2. Cut clockwise rather than counter-clockwise.
  3. Keep the paper big enough to be manageable, but not so big that it becomes awkward.
  4. Cut with the line towards you so you can see the line that you are following.

The first bit of advice, to “cut the small, then the big,” is the same as we use when punching.  If you’ve got a heart that will be punched out of square, punch the heart first, then the square.  Otherwise, there’s not enough to hold onto and you can’t see to center the heart.

Now frankly, I do cut counter-clockwise.  That way the line is always to the left of my scissors.  So I am moving around the design counter-clockwise.

I hope this is useful, if not cutting-edge, advice!

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