Tuesday Tip: Polished stone

Tomorrow I’ll share another one of our January stamp camp cards, this one using the polished stone technique.  It creates something that looks like a kitchen counter top — but I’d like to see the kitchen with a counter top like the following example!  I’ll tell you that you can never achieve the same look twice; every time you create a polished stone panel, the result is unique.  Please try this!

  1. Begin with the following items:  a panel of Glossy White card stock, at least two Classic ink refills, Shimmer Paint (I used Champagne Mist), two cotton balls, and rubbing alcohol.
  2. Debra Burgin Polished stone 1

  3. Saturate one side of one cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Drop two drops of each ink refill (I used Pretty in Pink and Riding Hood Red) in the pattern shown below.Debra Burgin Polished stone 2
  4. Press cotton ball onto Glossy White panel. You will see the ink spread. Do not be alarmed at the intensity of the colors; they will fade a bit. Continue dabbing until the pattern of colors is pleasing to you.Debra Burgin Polished stone 3
  5. Saturate the other cotton ball. Shake the bottle of Shimmer Paint and apply to cotton ball. Dab onto prepared panel. You’ll need to dry this with your Heat Tool.Debra Burgin Polished stone 4
  6. Finish your card!
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