Sweet treats

The cookies I’ve served at camp this month are favorites of my household.  In fact, I neglected to tell DH not to eat them while I was in Nashville last week.  I was dismayed that the container was not quite as full as I left it!  So next week, it will be something different, ladies!

These Raspberry Almond Shortbread Thumbprints are so easy and fast to make.  I posted about them last year here.  This year, however, I used the candied cherries that go into fruitcake.  When I saw them at the store, they looked so darn pretty and cheerful, I just had to bring them home!

Speaking of sugary goodness, we had two excellent meals at Leadership.  DH would have gone hungry, but I loved the two chicken dishes they served.  And dessert — oh my! — cheesecake that was amazing and then a chocolate caramel tart that made my mouth water just to look at.

And so I had my first taste of chocolate in 11 months — yes, since Valentine’s Day last year.  I thought I might have some sort of sugar seizure and run to the nearest vending machine for M&Ms, but I slowly ate it, enjoyed it, and haven’t had a craving for any more.

I have to laugh at how many pictures of this tart I’ve seen on other demonstrators’ blogs!

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