Last week I sent out publicity to our local papers about next weeks Pay-It-Forward House benefit stamp camp (on January 22).  Almost immediately, one of the papers called back and arranged an interview with me and Tina Moore.

It was a strange experience — I could never be a public figure who always needs to say the right thing!  When my mouth is open, well, who knows what will come out!  And at this interview, I found myself babbling on and on and on ….

So I was pleasantly surprised when I read the interview.  Well, no, first I was shocked at the amount of coverage we got — our picture on the front page???!!!

Perhaps you’d like to read all about it!  Check here for the full story (but not all the pix).

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3 Responses to Newsworthy

  1. Annie says:

    Congratulations on such a wonderful article! And what better publicity than those free ones via newspaper!

  2. Dragonquilt says:

    Very nice article! I’m sure that the paper was pleased to have something positive to print for a change.

  3. Chipper says:

    Just now read the wonderful article! All I can say is WOW! Way to go!!

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