Tuesday Tip: A swallow-tail ribbon

I’m sure that’s what it’s called, and yet I can’t find anyone else calling it that ….  Anyway, it’s when you notch a V out of the end of a ribbon. Here’s the easy way to do it:

  1. Hold the ribbon so that it’s folded in half lengthwise.  I keep the folded edge down, the two edges up.
  2. Cut the ribbon, starting at the folded edge, angling toward the end of the ribbon.  Even though I’m using my fabulous Craft & Paper Scissors (and they are excellent at cutting ribbon without holding both ends), it’s easier to control the folded ribbon by holding both ends.
  3. Done!  I used this ribbon treatment on one of my blog hop projects last weekend; I’ll show you more details about that card later this week!
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One Response to Tuesday Tip: A swallow-tail ribbon

  1. Amy says:

    Ok really? This is one of those things that make me say well gee why didn’t I think of that. This is SO much easier than cutting one side and then trying to turn the ribbon and cut the other without having a little odd v. Thanks! 🙂

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