Tuesday Tip: The triangle box

No, it’s not really a triangle.  And I don’t remember enough from my Geometry class to tell you what this shape is.  And it doesn’t really matter.

What does matter is that this is the easiest box to make!

  1. The panel I start with measures 8½” x 3½”.  I like the size of the finished box (some turn out too wide for my tastes) and I can cut three from once piece of card stock.
  2. If you’re stamping on the triangle box, now’s the time to do it.
  3. Score across at the mid points of the long sides.  Then score from the mid points of the short sides to the mid points of the long sides.  (Scores are indicated by white lines here.)
  4. Debra Burgin Triangle box 1

  5. Fold on all score lines, using a bone folder to get sharp creases.
  6. It’s not technically necessary, but go ahead and adhere the two flaps of one side, as it makes it easier to fill the box if at least one side is adhered. I use the Stampin’ Up! Multipurpose Adhesive, which holds perfectly.
  7. Toward the top of the side you just glued, punch a hole big enough to accommodate your ribbon. Punch a corresponding hold on the other side (just hold the two flaps together).
  8. Debra Burgin Triangle box 2

  9. Embellish to your heart’s content, then knot the ribbon through the two sets of holes, or tie a beautiful bow.
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