Tuesday Tip: About that heat tool

This is a tip direct from my friend and stamper Sally, AKA Dragonquilt:  “Remember to use a hard surface when embossing. I just melted my carpet!!!!


I myself like to use a foil-covered “wood” clipboard.  When it gets messy with stray melted embossing powder, I simply cover it with another piece of foil.  Using it has several advantages:

  1. You can clip the panel to the board so your hands are free (and away from the heat).
  2. Supposedly the heat generated from the foil on the back of your project keeps it from warping.  I’m not so sure I believe this; I think it’s an old wives’ tale.  Since I am an old wife, I thought it fit to include it here.
  3. You save yourself the cost of new carpeting and/or the displeasure of a spouse or parent.

One more tip is that if you are heating a small piece with embossing powder all over it (as in the Faux Diamond Dust technique on this tag), begin — before you turn it on — by pointing the heat tool directly (straight) down on the material.  That way it won’t blow across the room and adhere itself with molten EP to a friend or pet.  Ahem.

Be warned:  we are using embossing on three different project this month in camp.  Let’s stay away from the carpeting, people!

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2 Responses to Tuesday Tip: About that heat tool

  1. See Julie Stamp says:

    One of the best things I could have ever learned about using the heat tool is to heat it up before aiming it at your project. Then it quickly heats the powder without warping the paper.

  2. Cindy E. says:

    I use an old silicone Silpat mat on my work surface when using the heat tool. Haven’t had any problems yet!

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