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Debra Burgin Oil lamp 1Just as I was chopping onions for soup (a very teary process), the library called and said the display window had been emptied.  I pretty much dropped what I was doing (leaving the kitchen looking as if I might have been abducted) and gathered up my items for display — but first I took this picture.  Too bad the quality is so poor!

On the quick drive over, I tried to get in touch with my inner Rhoda Morgenstern.  The case is probably 4½ feet tall and 3½ feet wide — a huge space when you’re used to designing cards!  Luckily there were Lucite nesting shelves so I could vary the height of the displays, and I hung some cards from fishing line from the ceiling of the case.  It’s glassed on three sides, so that was a concern, too.  All that glass will mean I can’t get pictures, but I put my head down on my pillow last night feeling as though I did a good job.

When I tear down the display, maybe I’ll post more about the tag, but will anyone be interested at the end of December, really?

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One Response to More from the window

  1. Dragonquilt says:

    Of course we will be interested! IF I leave the house today (a big if), I’ll have to run by the library and take a look at it.

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