Tuesday Tip: When saving paper is a bad thing

Debra Burgin PunchiesI’ll admit it:  I save scraps that are pretty small.  Because, as some of you also know, you never when you’ll be able to use one for punching out something for some sort of project at some future date.

The problem is choosing a scrap that’s too small for the punch.  In the top sample, punching on what seemed to be an adequate scrap caused the punch to grab the edge of the card stock, resulting in a ragged punch.  (Sometimes this also causes the punch to jam.  I fix that by dropping the punch on the table.  Scares the scrap right out of it.)

Punching the second sample, just a wee bit wider, doesn’t result in that problem.

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One Response to Tuesday Tip: When saving paper is a bad thing

  1. Amy says:

    Haha…my solution for you…use a smaller punch. 😉

    I save scraps too but it is smaller than 2″ x 4″ I pitch it unless I punch it or die cut it out right away then I put it in a shape bin that I use when I am making cards. Oh alright I sometimes use it when I am making cards.

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