Tuesday Tip: Stamping in a row

Debra Burgin 1011 Reindeer zoom(This is a portion of a card I’ll share with you tomorrow.)

Have you learned the trick to stamping several images in a row without “going downhill”?

It’s pretty simple:  just start with the middle image, lined up where you want it.  (I use the block to establish my point of alignment, e.g., the block 1/4″ from the bottom of the panel.)  Then move to the right or left (again, I use the block to judge the interval) and stamp the second image.  Finally, move to the opposite side of the center image.

Whew — that took longer to explain than it did to stamp!  The idea is simply to start the row in the center.  Period.

Come back tomorrow to see the rest of the card!

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