Tuesday Tip: Ribbon control

Debra Burgin Ribbon controlI am just finishing up some Christmas tags for a swap I’m in; I’ll post the tag tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I’ve been cutting ribbon, and I thought I’d share with you how I store my rather extensive supply (this is just one drawer-full!).

As much as I love containers, the ribbon boxes that feed ribbons through holes don’t really appeal to me because (a) they look untidy and (b) it’s hard to see how much ribbon is left on the spool.  Plus, I like my supplies under cover as much as possible!

So I save the jumbo-sized Q-Tip boxes for my ribbon storage.  Not very glamorous, but very effective!  Then, to keep the spools from unrolling, I usually tape the ribbon ends to the spool with a small bit of painter’s tape.  It doesn’t leave a mark because it’s low-tack, and I can reuse the piece after I’ve cut the ribbon.

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One Response to Tuesday Tip: Ribbon control

  1. Dragonquilt says:

    Good tip! I’ll start reusing those q-tip packages:)

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