Scrappin’ Saturday — Things I Love (#7)

Debra Burgin Favorite things 7I’m not so sure about this background (from Christmas Cocoa II).  On my monitor it’s difficult to read the “fine print.”  If you can’t read it, it’s the short version about my taking this picture at our library.  The clerk at the desk enthusiastically said “Sure!” when I told her I was going to take the picture.  Then her training set in, and she told me I’d better talk to the reference librarian.  I told her that I was going to take the picture.  You could see the reservation (get it?) on her face, but she said it was OK as long as there were no people in the picture.  I think they deserve to see the project, in case they’ve never before heard of someone scrapping a reserve cart!

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11 Responses to Scrappin’ Saturday — Things I Love (#7)

  1. I also LOVE your reserve cart. I have my MLS, but am not a practicing librarian. All I can do with my training is keep my stamp pads in order. LOL! Some people do not know about ILL. … Your photo may pose a privacy problem if people can read the patron’s names on the books. Well, maybe not if the book titles are not exposed. Some librarians can be very protective of their patrons. … Enjoy your book : )

    • Debra says:

      Susan, they only list the first 4 digits of your last name and your first initial. One time I was in the library and thought I’d check to see if my book was in (not having yet checked my email), and the book for BURG D was some anime something or other — definitely not mine! One librarian told me, “We are not allowed discuss patrons’ book selections with them.” That’s a pity, I think, assuming the librarians have enough common sense not to be rude or intrusive!

  2. Love this!! I love books and love to read too.

  3. Tanya Boser says:

    Gotta love that feature of the current library system! You don’t even have to leave home to pick out your books! I love to read too and have my own library at home 😉 Cool page!

  4. Cindy E. says:

    Love the story behind this. (And I love puns!!!)

  5. Yapha says:

    Yay for libraries and books! Great scrapbook page!

  6. Jen Timko says:

    What a great page! I love it when we get “the rest of the story”!

  7. Shelley says:

    Well done! We use the reserve at the library all the time! Is there another way to get books?

  8. Heidi says:

    How’d we get to 7 already? Funny story, as always!! 🙂

  9. Sharon says:

    Our library recently implemented that system too after changing from a system where you could get all the books by mail free. I was apprehensive at first, but once I did it a couple of times and figured out which way to turn the book when scanning it in to check it out I was hooked!

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