Tuesday Tip: Move it!

“She who keeps her nose to the grindstone cannot smell the roses.” — Debra Burgin

Saturday we had company for supper, and for the centerpiece I had a yellowware bowl filled with apples and colorful leaves down the table.  As I was searching the yard for the most vibrant leaves, I realized how little time I’ve spent outside in the last few months.

This is a busy month for me, and when I recently started to get that tight feeling in my throat about everything that I need to accomplish, I recognized that my inner balance is way out of kilter.  Not that I’m dizzy, but I spend too much time sitting.  Pleasant and generally productive time, of course, but it’s not the best way to stay fit!

Weeks and weeks ago I discontinued my morning walks (too dark, too cold — but really, too lazy), and I now see the effects of that, in a slightly tighter waistline, etc., etc.

So yesterday was my first time subbing on a bowling league.  (I know perfectly well that members of my family are hysterically laughing.  Get it out, it’s OK.)  Aside from the fact that the last time I bowled was seven years before the guy at the counter was born, I did pretty well.  I didn’t humiliate myself too badly, but oh, the discomfort now!  Took two aspirin when I got home and I’m pretty sure there’s a Tylenol PM in my future again tonight.

All this to say that I feel better having moved a bit.  All things in moderation, even stamping, I guess!

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3 Responses to Tuesday Tip: Move it!

  1. sue says:

    Great reminder, as I too, feel like hunkering down and staying inside in my sweats all day in front of the sewing machine, just looking out. Something about the thermometer at 28 🙂

  2. Dragonquilt says:

    Feel free to join me for Pilates any time!

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