Still shopping …

Debra Burgin Sweet Treat BoxThanks so much to those of you who have placed orders through the Clearance Rack. I appreciate your business so much, and I’m thrilled that you’re getting these amazing bargains!  I, too, placed my order.  I like to have lots on hand for hostess gifts at the end of their club period.  (And that’s all I’m saying on that subject!)

I wonder if I’m alone in this:  I never see more than 10 pages of the Clearance Rack.  On page 10 (when I’ve only reached items beginning with the letter F), I no longer see the that indicates there are a bunch more pages.  Even when I click the next button, I go to the next page but never see the number change.  So for awhile I was only seeing, maybe, a third or less of the items in this sale!

Well!  When I finally understood what was happening and kept shopping — wow!  Here’s an example of an incredible bargain:  this treat box, which we made last December in camp.  In last year’s catalog these boxes sold in a pack of five for $3.95, which I thought was a great price.  The Clearance Rack priceFive for 99¢.  I used them for our cookie exchange last year — what could you do with them?

Remember that Clearance Rack items must be ordered online — they cannot be part of a workshop order.  Also, you’ll be charged a minimum shipping fee of $6.95 or 10% of your order, whichever is higher.  Be sure you shop through my online store to avoid a surcharge — and have fun!

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2 Responses to Still shopping …

  1. These are cute! I did the same thing on the clearance rack too. lol

  2. Jen Timko says:

    Oh, I love these bags! I have used them so much. Thanks for the reminder to go get some more! Super job on decorating this one.

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