A Super success!

Snowflake cupsWhat a fun time we had at Super Saturday:  a beautiful fall day, a room full of happy women (at least, that’s what it sounded like!), and the air crackling with creativity.

These cups were part of the goody bag each participant of SS (and Super Saturday @ Home) received.  Tina and I cut the snowflakes from Real Red Decor Elements Sheets using the Northern Frost Decorative Strip Die and applied them to $1 china cups.  Each cup had a packet of cocoa, a rubber stamp, and a flyer for Tea for Ten, our first Artisan Inksperience, in November.  (In celebration of our tenth Inkspiration event, ten lucky Super Saturday participants were given free registration to this event!)

Although the strip dies are advertised for use only with card stock and paper, using a paper shim worked perfectly with the vinyl.  The only tedious part of this job was poking out all the “eyelet” parts of the snowflakes.  I believe Tina poked out over 2,700 tiny eyelets.  But who’s counting?

I have uploaded the project page HERE.  Enjoy — and mark your calendar for the next Super Saturday, on March 5, 2011!

, in celebration, in celebration
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7 Responses to A Super success!

  1. Chipper says:

    What a wonderful idea! Adorable!!!

  2. Tanya Boser says:

    Adorable tea cups! Sounds like you have a great thing going there!

  3. Yapha says:

    What cute cups!! Great idea!

  4. Oh, I’ve been hoping someone would try Northern Frost with the decor elements vinyl–your teacups look so jaunty, Deb, absolutely adorable!

  5. Lynn Buckner says:

    So glad to hear it was a super success. The cups are very cute.

  6. Heidi says:

    What a cute goodie bag idea!!

  7. What a great idea and cute cups!!

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