Tuesday Tip: Getting the most out of your card stock

I cut a lot of paper.  A lot.  When I’m cutting, say, 90 projects for Super Saturday, I want to make sure I’m getting the most out of my card stock.  But how?

Check out this 8½” x 11″ Cutting chart created by Cristena Bagne.  (Thanks for letting me share it, Cristena!)

Suppose you are making swaps that use a panel 2¼” x 3½”.  You’re cutting up a standard sheet of card stock.  On the chart, read across the top row (for the 11″ side of your paper) to find 2¼.  You can see that you’ll get 4 cuts on the 11″ side.  Now read down the column on the left (for the 8½” side of your paper) to find 3½”.  You’ll get 2 cuts on the 8½” side.  If you read the intersection of the column and the row, you can see that you can get 8 panels cutting your paper this way.

But watch what happens if you cut the opposite way, cutting 3½” on the 11″ side and 2¼” on the 8½” side.  You’ll get 9 panels this way, with less waste.

Now if your head is swimming with all this figuring and all these numbers are giving you a headache, go have a glass of wine or a piece of chocolate or two and wait until the feelings pass.  You’ll be OK!

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2 Responses to Tuesday Tip: Getting the most out of your card stock

  1. sue says:

    Christena’s chart is brilliant and will be very handy now that we are approaching the holidays and mass card production. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Ani says:

    Wow, this chart is unbelievably amazing! Brilliant!!! Please thank Cristina for us! So generous to share this with the rest of us.

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