Scrappin’ Saturday — The Sandwich Fair

It’s always a pleasure to go to the Fair, doubly so this year because the day I went was so perfect.  Yes, we call it “Fair Weather” — pack your sunglasses and camera, and carry a jacket for later.

Not too much changes from year to year.  We eat supper at the same church stand, we sit and watch (from a safe distance) the kids screaming on the rides, and we carefully make our way through the livestock barns, watching for raised tails.  I love the “ladies’ building,” but now DH wants me to go by myself, before his work shift ends.  Then we visit the Secretary of State booth for a fresh map for the car, walk through the carny area (avoiding any eye contact), and stroll around the grounds greeting friends.  It’s a wonderful time!

This page belongs in my “hometown” book, even though the fair is not in my town, just in the county (“down south”).  The background is an image that fills the page, opacity reduced.  I didn’t think the page needed any embellishment because the photos are so busy.

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