Tuesday Tip: Threading a button

I know there are those of my stampers who cringe when they see the project box arrive at their table with needle and thread!  You, then, probably won’t be comforted by the admission that I am doing more and more sewing on my cards!

But this is not sewing, really, it’s just knotting thread through a button.  And today I’ll talk about Hemp Twine, not thread!

  1. Start by cutting a piece of twine at least 4″ long.  This will give you plenty to work with.
  2. Thread down through one of the button holes, leaving about half of the twine on top.  (Threading down is contrary to what most of us want to do!)
  3. Bring up the twine from the back up through the opposite hole.  Feed the right end over the left end and through the loop; tighten.  This is the “right over left” that you hear people say.
  4. Feed the left end over the right end and through the loop; tighten.  You’ve just made a square knot!
  5. One more hint: Apply the button to your project before trimming the twine.  It’s a lot easier to handle and position a small button when you have something to hold!

Of course, this isn’t a small button.  You may not recognize it; it’s one of the Big Designer Buttons from the Holiday Mini Catalog that becomes effective September 1.   Mine arrived in the mail yesterday.  Have you seen yours yet?

Come back tomorrow to see the full card featuring this button!

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