Tuesday Tip: A last-minute trim

Today’s tip is simple, but excellent, and from my stamper friend Peg:  Don’t trim the ribbon on your card until you’re ready to send it.  You know how it goes — cards get shuffled and stacked and when you’re ready to actually mail one you notice that the ribbon is fraying.  Drat!  All that work!  So try her tip.

And my related tip is to use the right tool for the right job — in this case, the Stampin’ Up! Craft & Paper Scissors.  These are mis-named, IMHO, because in my studio they are Craft OR Paper Scissors, but really only for ribbon or fabric.  (I can prove it by the following picture!)  Scissors dedicated to one type of material (sorry for the pun) will stay sharp longer.

This month stampers are able to experience the “right” pair of scissors when cutting this ribbon at camp.  These are worth every penny!  Are you wondering why I have the word “fabric” written on the tag?  Do you think I use fabric in my card-making???!!!

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2 Responses to Tuesday Tip: A last-minute trim

  1. Sally E says:

    I’ve used fabric on cards before! There’s nothing wring with that!

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