Tuesday Tip: Making a good impression

Have you ever had difficulty getting a good impression from a solid stamp, like the one above?  You’re applying plenty of ink, but it seems to bead up on the rubber and then gives a spotty impression.  Here are a few tips to ensure success:

  • When assembling your stamps, rub the face of the stamp on a piece of paper or on your jeans to remove the “release agent” that is used in the manufacturing process.  Don’t worry about overdoing it; I’ve heard of people actually using Stampin’ Up!’s sanding block on the rubber with no ill effects, so they say.  Personally, I wouldn’t dare try that!
  • Try using StazOn Cleaner on the rubber before stamping for the first time.
  • Remember that a stamp with lots of rubber requires lots of ink and a certain amount of pressure when you stamp.  (Conversely, a small stamp requires only a light inking and a light touch when stamping.)  I recommend holding the stamp against the card stock for a second or two to give the ink plenty of time to “soak in” to the paper.
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