Silliness, etc.

If you’re here at Convention as part of a team, you probably have something in common besides your upline.  These ladies were sitting in front of us yesterday.

They’re swapping — something going on all the time.  I sat next to two demonstrators from Illinois when I flew here Sunday; Kathy was still working on some of her 500 swaps!

It’s amazing to see, and usually fairly noisy, although this morning I feel and look like I was at a party last night, which I was.  Before the band started, there was a great time of recognition of Stampin’ Up! achievers.  And although I said this morning there are 3,000 women here, there are many more men attending than I remember last time.  In fact, one of the big awards, the Artisan Award (with ten winners), was won this year by a male demo.  This isn’t his work, but I was amazed at this paper cake by Jodie Oliver of Canada.

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