Blog candy for the best guess!

On this day last year, I posted a contest:  guess the amount of money in the jar and win Stampin’ Up! product.  This time, however, the money goes toward my trip to Convention in Salt Lake City in just three weeks.  (Did you just hear me screaming with excitement?)  Since I’ve been saving coins for an entire year, I’m planning BIG!

ETA:  It may help you to know that this is a quart jar.  Last year I used the same jar.  You can see it here.  Last year’s total was $45.24.

I’ve been setting aside some special items just for the contest winner again this year.  So take a guess!  Here are the rules:

  1. I’ll take the jar to the bank to be counted on Wednesday.
  2. The person who leaves me a comment on this post with a dollar amount guess closest to the actual amount wins.
  3. Only one guess per person.
  4. The contest closes at midnight CST Tuesday (tomorrow!).  That is, guesses after 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday will not be counted.
  5. You must be in the United States to win.
  6. In the event of a tie, my husband will randomly choose the winner.
  7. I’ll contact you for your mailing address on Wednesday and mail your prize (or hand deliver it).
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26 Responses to Blog candy for the best guess!

  1. Hmmm… this is a tough one! I’m going to guess $83.47.

    WoW… that sure is alot of stamping money!! HAHHAH!!!
    Thank you so much!


  2. Susan Carlson says:

    I’ll guess $43.22.

  3. Samanta Tancredo says:

    I´ll guess $56,34

  4. Carol Bradley says:

    My guess is $47.35. For your sake I hope that I am low. Enjoy the convention.

  5. Melissa says:

    Woohoo for you!! I’m guessing $94.03. Have a fabulous time at Convention!

  6. Amy says:

    You are going to have loads of fun. My guess is $109.83 Amy 🙂

  7. Debra says:

    I’m guessing $128.67!! Have fun at convention – I’m sure you’ll have a blast.

  8. Jill Finkboner says:

    Convention sounds like a lot of fun! My guess is $72.54. Have a great trip!!

  9. Darlene Johnson says:

    I am going to guess $135.72 (Hopefully you put more quarters in this year). Hope you have a wonderful time at convention!!

  10. Deb Davis says:

    I’ll take a stab at it…$93.66?

  11. Char Haschak says:

    I think I’ll take a guess at this at $60.00

  12. sue says:

    I’m guessing $98.10.

  13. Carol says:

    my guess is 105.54, hope i win.
    have fun at convention, come back
    with lots of ideas to share, it will be worth it!!

  14. Theresa says:

    have fun at convention.

    My guess is 63.58

  15. Janine says:

    $110.50 Enjoy convention and have a blast!!

  16. Marcia says:

    I’d like to guess 115.67 😉 I hope you have a fantastic time at conference!

  17. Dru Walt says:

    I will guess 39.50 have fun at the convention and
    thanks for all you do.

  18. Sue Devore says:

    I’m going to guess $55.45

  19. Sally Estes says:


  20. Penny White says:

    Yet another creative activity from Debra! Love it!
    My guess is $62.12

  21. Esther Livsey says:

    $76.35 in the quart jar. Have a wonderful trip.

  22. Julie Fox says:

    Well my guess is going to be $96.66. Have a great time. Can’t wait to start our next camp.

  23. You are going to have a wonderful time at convention Debra! Look forward to hearing all about it! I’m going to guess $118.42. Safe travels!!

  24. Audrey Bowden says:

    Salt Lake City is cool! Enjoy with all those other stampers. My guess is $123.43

  25. Jackie Wolfskill says:

    My guess is $113.10.

    Woo hoo! Only 27.5 more hours until the new catalog comes out!!

    BTW, can you pack me in your suitcase so I can come to convention with you? 🙂

  26. TMoore says:

    85.00 straight up! Can’t believe its here already! SLC here we come! Look out Zip Liners!

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