Tuesday Tip: DIY padded envelope

When I got ready to mail this card to my friends last week, I was a little concerned how it would travel through the mail.  More than once a recipient has told me that a brad or other embellishment was poking through the envelope upon delivery!

To protect my work, I simple took 1/4 sheet of coordinating card stock and ran it through the Crimper.  This piece then faced the front of the card when I inserted it into the envelope.  Although it may not have remained crimped en route, I think it should have provided sufficient cushioning.  And it also gives the recipient something to wonder about when they open the envelope:  “What am I supposed to do with this?”

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One Response to Tuesday Tip: DIY padded envelope

  1. Susan Carlson says:

    Using a crimped piece of cardstock is a great idea! I just sent a card in the mail with a brad and one piece of cardstock. Hope it made it!

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