Tuesday Tip — Using the Movers & Shapers Windows

I bought my Movers & Shapers die when there was a super special.  I think if you bought the die, you got the windows free.  Whatever it was, it pushed me over the edge!

The point of this product is to allow you to die cut a window in the front of card, in a position that would be impossible for a punch to reach and creates a window just slightly bigger than the corresponding punch.  I used it for this card.  And actually, to be more accurate, the M&S die cuts the card (assuming you’re using a piece of card stock bigger than 11″ x 5½”), scores it, and cuts the window.

The two sets of window dies — the original Punch Windows and the Holiday Windows set last seen in the Occasions Mini (but still available) — are placed within the “well” on the M&S die.  Because the window dies are magnetic, they are firmly in place when you run them through the Big Shot.  I found however, that I needed more precise placement than just eyeballing the alignment.  So I cut a piece of scratch paper the size of the well, measured carefully, and marked where the die should be placed.  This guide is not adhered; the magnet on the window die will keep it in place.

That’s as simple as it gets!

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2 Responses to Tuesday Tip — Using the Movers & Shapers Windows

  1. Leanna says:

    Thanks for the tip on using mover and shaper dies. Do you mind sharing your measurements?

    Thanks in advance,

    • heartfeltinkspiration says:

      Wow! It’s been decades since anyone asked for my measurements!

      The insert is 4″ x 5-1/8″. The two vertical lines are 5/8″ from each long edge. The top horizontal line is 7/8″ down. The bottom horizontal line is 1-7/8″ from the bottom.


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